Occupational Therapy

Instructional Support Services (ISS) 

Mission Statement:

The purpose of Instructional Support Services is to provide the support necessary for all students to access the general curriculum to the greatest extent appropriate. Students may need special education, English as a second language, gifted and talented, or additional literary services to achieve success.

Instructional Support Services Guiding Principles:

As a partner in implementing the Learning Services mission, the Instructional Support Services Department of Douglas County schools supports building level administration and building level teams in producing high quality learning for students who need additional resources to be successful in the classroom. Students within Douglas County Schools will, whenever appropriate,

  • attend the same schools as siblings and neighbors,
  • be in general education classrooms with chronological age-appropriate classmates,
  • have individualized and relevant learning objectives as needed, and 
  • be provided with the necessary support to allow for meaningful participation in classroom learning

However, this does not mean students

  • must spend every minute of the school day in general education classes
  • never receive small-group or individual instruction, and
  • be in general education classes to learn the core curriculum only
Decisions regarding characteristics of programming and placement will be made based on a comprehensive analysis of the students' individual learning needs.



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