Staff Roster

Christopher Cooke
Ann Guenther Assistant Principal:
6th Grade Administrator
Heather Cox Assistant Principal:
8th Grade Administrator
Cullen HilsendagerAssistant Principal:
7th Grade Administrator
Mary Murphy Professional Learning Specialist
Kate Egan 8th Grade Counselor
Clark Wilhelm 6th Grade Counselor
Lori Qui 7th Grade Counselor
Kelli ClayPrevention Counselor
Diane GjerseeRegistrar
Instructional Support Services
Lori Berges Learning Specialist
Nancy Lei Learning Specialist
Rebecca Kocur Learning Specialist
Susan ViteLearning Specialist
Stephanie LernerLearning Specialist
Carla Christiansen SIED Teacher
Colleen Pate SSN Teacher
Danica WaughSSN Teacher 
Lillian Armijo ESL Teacher
Peter Thompson, Ph.D School Psychologist
Amy Freeman Social Worker
Shana Fraley Speech Language Pathologist
Peggy Brown School Nurse
Kim Widhalm    
Educational Assistant IV
Misha Meredith Lee Educational Assistant IV
Sarah WanlessEducational Assistant IV
Karen PhillipsEducational Assistant IV
Melissa VaughanEducational Assistant IV
Kathy WerbickEducational Assistant IV
Javier FigueroaEducational Assistant IV
Holly HulettInstructional Assistant
Wendy ReganInstructional Assistant
Keira Newburn
Instructional Assistant - MTSS
Sarah Zabor OT/PT
Gifted and Talented and Literacy
Dodi Poulos Literacy Coordinator and
G/T Facilitator
Jesica Harrington Literacy Specialist 
Library Media Center
Amy Tempel Teacher Librarian
Erika Scherer Library Media Tech
Front Office Staff
Jodi Laurienti Office Manager and Secretary to Principal
Colette Compoz

Athletic Secretary/Secretary to 8th grade Assistant Principal
Sandra Lamb
Attendance Secretary/Secretary to 6th & 7th grade Assistant Principals
Kathleen Fields Bookkeeper
Sherri Hixon Receptionist
Jane Jenkins
Health Assistant
Tammy Horlacher
Volunteer Coordinator
Ryan Wood
School Resource Officer
Stanley BarkerCampus Security
Steve Degroff
Campus Security
Custodial Staff
Daren Brown Lead Custodian
Cherilynn HouseNight Custodian
Gunther Gates Night Custodian
Brandon Orr
Day Custodian
Kitchen Staff
Cori Hakes
Kitchen Manager
Catherine Gallano Kitchen Assistant
Collette Lockewood
Kitchen Assistant
Wanitaya Newberry Kitchen Assistant
Amy Pritchett
Kitchen Assistant
Marta Pryor Kitchen Assistant
Language Arts
Rodney Graham 7th Expeditioners
Lynn Legg 8th Navigators
Lisa Selle8th Explorers
Laura Stadele 8th Mountaineers
Lauren Brockett 7th/8th Voyagers
Annie Collopy6th Highlanders
Paul Regan7th Adventurers 
Jeremy Riggert 7th Seekers
Amber Marzo6th Trekkers
Sara Haynes6th Pathfinders
Mike Ghirardelli6th Blazers
Megan Reetz6th Cliffhangers
Angie Burt 8th Mountaineers
Chris Gowing 8th Explorers
Matthew Carlile8th Navigators
Heather Igel7th/8th Voyagers
Rachel Rants7th Adventurers
Emily Schaffer 7th Expeditioners
Audrey Gillies7th Seekers
Michelle McClarran6th Trekkers
Scott McEowen 6th Pathfinders
Stephen Schmitz 6th Highlanders
Tony Greene 6th Cliffhanger
Shara Thomas  6th Blazers
Social Studies
Sharon Majetich 8th Mountaineers
Stephanie Mills 8th Explorers
Chris Kappler7th Expeditioners
Dave Callaway7th/8th Voyagers
Laurie Williamson7th Seekers
Landon Stewart7th Adventurers
Elisabeth Loegel 8th Navigator
Katheryn Lofstedt 6th Blazers / Trekkers
Ruth Hasty6th Cliffhangers / Highlanders
Stephanie Rolf 6th Pathfinders
Jessica Vigil6th Blazers/Trekkers
Tina Lindquist 8th Explorers
Heather Haney8th Navigators
Dani Mertz 8th Mountaineers
Amanda Kallach7th Seekers
Gail Swiryn
7th Expeditioners
Sarah Clark 7th Adventurers
Jacob Cloud7th/8th Voyagers
Heather O'Brien 6th Cliffhangers / Highlanders
Stephanie Rolf 6th Pathfinders
Health and PE
Gregory DePinna 8th Mountaineers
Margaret Bose 7th/8th Voyagers
Erin Millage8th Explorers
Mike Knoebel 8th Navigators
John Osowski 7th Expeditioners
Kayleen Temple 7th Adventurers
Caroline Weinberg 7th Seekers
Paige Taylor6th Grade
Shane Wade6th Grade
Rose Dominguez Haak Spanish
Kay Kaul Spanish/World Cultures
Joshua Rice Spanish
CarrieAnn SchmitzSpanish
Jessica Sanderson French
Judi Holst   Speech
Kim Chlumsky Digital Media/Art/ePub
Lori King Art
Laura CarterArt
Julien Bouquet Tech Ed/Epub/Multimedia
Cameron Randolph Technology
Julie Olsen Family and Consumer Studies
Geoff Whitesell Drama
Deanna Kraft Choir/Guitar
Scott McGowan Band/Orchestra