Volunteer Opportunities

At RHMS, we value the time and talent of our parent community!  There is truly something for everyone who wants to volunteer.  ALL VOLUNTEERS MUST HAVE AN AGREEMENT ON FILE.  If you've registered online and checked the box to volunteer, then your signature is already on file.  Otherwise, fill-out and sign the appropriate volunteer agreement found at the bottom of the page.

How do I become a RHMS volunteer?
We welcome all parents and guardians to volunteer at our school!  All we need are two pieces of information:

The RHMS Volunteer Interest Form tells us in which areas you are interested in volunteering.  You can select to be contacted for specific events, last minute/misc opportunities or for everything that is available!

The DCSD VolunteerAgreement for all parents and guardians*.  This form is required by the Douglas County School District to maintain student confidentiality.  A new DCSD VolunteerApplication is required every year you volunteer, and for every school in which you are volunteering.

*If you are a non-guardian family member (grandparent, aunt/uncle or sibling), a non-family community member or volunteering to be a parent volunteer coach, you will need to complete the DCSD Community Volunteer Agreement in lieu of the DCSD Volunteer Agreement.

Contact Tammy Horlacher at thorlacher1@dcsdk12.org if you have any questions about volunteering or would like to get involved.

ROK Mart (School Store)
The ROK Mart is a parent-staffed store that is open after school.  The store offers snacks, drinks, limited school supplies and spirit wear for sale.  Two volunteers are scheduled to work in the store from 2:30 until 3:05.  This volunteer opportunity involves fast-paced student interaction, working with money and restocking the store.

The Walkabout (WAB) is a program unique to RHMS that provides a positive adult presence during high traffic times:  before school, after school and during lunch.  It involves direct student interaction in which teams of parents help monitor students by simply “walking about”.  Before and after school volunteers may also assist in the flow of drop-off and pick-up traffic.  All parents, guardians and grandparents are welcome to participate after completing a one-time training.

RHMS has several hospitality-related volunteer opportunities throughout the year such as decorating the staff lounge, assisting with Honor Roll celebrations, providing conference dinners for teachers and staff, holiday cookie exchange, & Staff Appreciation Week.  Other hospitality requests are made as needed, including requests for food and drinks, gift cards and monetary donations.

Traditionally RHMS supports one organized fundraiser a year- a Magazine Drive early in the school year.  We rely on a large number of parent volunteers for a variety of activities including assembling packets, reconciling orders, awarding prizes to students and organizing reward parties.  To learn more about ways to support RHMS through fundraising, click here.

Other Opportunities
We have volunteer opportunities available throughout the school year.  Ways to be involved include the Book Fair, class field trips, the school social, Vision and Hearing Screening, school pictures, and many other activities that often arise during the school year.  We also sometimes send out requests for food and drinks, money and/or gift card donations, which is a great way for parents to still be involved but who cannot volunteer their time!

Volunteer Forms & Printables