6th Grade PE
Shane Wade
Paige Taylor

Family and Consumer Science
Julie Olsen (Nutrition and Culinary Arts)
Performing Arts
Julie Lachance  (Drama)
Deanna Kraft (Choir and Guitar)
Scott McGowan (Band, Orchestra)


Gifted and Talented and Literacy
Dodi Poulos (G/T Coordinator)
Judi Holst (Literacy and Speech)
 Kim Chlumsky (Digital Media)
 Lori King (Art)

 Cullen Hilsendager (Tech Ed)
 Julien Bouquet (Tech Ed, EPub, Digital Media)
 Cameron Randolph (eSTEM, Technology)
World Language
 Joshua Rice (Spanish)
 Jessica Sanderson (French)
 Rose Dominguez-Haak (Spanish)
 Kay Kaul (Spanish, World Cultures)
 Megan Seasely Bender  (Spanish)
Carrie Ann Schmitz (Spanish)
 Lu Xing (Chinese)