Dress Code


Teachers will present an orange “Dress Code Violation Card” to students not following the dress code as outlined below.

If a student receives a card they may:

- Come to the main office and see Administration
- Change on their own if they have appropriate clothing in their backpack

My dress and grooming are my parent’s and my responsibility.   I am expected to take pride in my appearance because a person’s dress has an affect on her/his behavior.  The staff does not want to hassle me about my dress.  As a student we have the right to show our individuality by the clothes we choose to wear. However, the school has a responsibility to establish rules, which are both reasonable and fair.  Part of the school’s responsibility is to prepare students to enter the work place with an idea of employer expectations. 

The following are inappropriate to wear at Rocky Heights Middle School.
  • Clothing style that is disruptive or detrimental to the purpose of the educational program, i.e., bandannas, hats, spiked necklaces, sunglasses, etc.
  • Shorts/skirts above the fingertips when standing erect with shoulders relaxed. This means shorts, skirts, and dresses must be no more than approximately 2” to 3” above knee length.
  • Shirts and other clothing items which advertise alcohol, drugs, sex, tobacco or questionable language.
  • Wallet chains or any chains that are draped from pants or other clothing.
  • Bare shoulders, halter tops, fishnet or see-through tops, tube tops, muscle shirts, pajama pants, pajama shirts, or slippers.
  • Swimming trunks, shorts, ragged edge cutoffs and very short miniskirts.  We suggest solid colored leggings be worn under shorts/skirts if length is questionable.
  • Clothing that does not adequately cover the body or allows undergarments to show.
  • “Sagging,” wearing the pants too low around the waist/hips.
  • Coats during the day unless for some reason the temperature in the building is not comfortable.
  • Tops and pants or skirts must meet – no exposed midriffs.
  • Barefoot or stocking feet outside the gym area.  
  • Shoes with wheels in the soles.
If a student is found wearing inappropriate clothing, they will first be asked to change into their PE uniform for the rest of the day. If their PE uniform is not available, they will be asked to call home and have appropriate clothing brought to them. If the first two options are not possible, they will be put in in-school suspension for the day or until proper clothing is brought to them.