Why Chromebooks
     We have spent time researching different devices for students to use at school.  We have experimented with iPads, Microsoft Surface, MacBooks, Kindle, Nook, and a few others.  In trying out the devices, we found Chromebooks, although relying heavily on the "cloud", were the most versatile computer for the money for students to use on a daily basis.  

Our oversimplified breakdown of the devices in looking at 1-to-1 implementation:
  • Macs are too expensive
  • Windows machines are hard to support (updates, antivirus, etc)
  • Tablets (iPads, Android, Kindle, etc) are too difficult to create school work on (although a lot of fun to play with)
     That basically left us with the Chromebook.  The Chromebook is a browser based computer that leverages the Google environment with Apps, documents, email, sites and video that our students are already using on a daily basis.  No updates are required either as the system updates itself as needed.  It has a full keyboard, it's own App Store, long battery life, connects with peripherals, and are less expensive than some other competitors.

Purchasing Options
     DCSD has a purchasing agreement to buy Chromebooks through Govconnection.  One great thing about this partnership is that we can offer our DCSD pricing and warranty to our community.  One really nice feature of purchasing through govconnection is the 3 year warranty that covers defects as well as accidental damage.  Visit the Govconnection website to purchase.  

     Chromebooks through govconnection are not required.  Any Chromebook will work for the student's needs.  Best Buy, Office Depot, Amazon, etc. all offer different Chromebooks made by different manufacturers.  They are varying in price, size, specs, etc, but will all have similar functionality.  If you are looking to purchase a Chromebook, we recommend making an informed decision to find what best suits your needs.