See the list below for many Frequently Asked Questions regarding our 1-to-1 Initiative at RHMS.  These questions have come from parents as we began our implementation.
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Device Choice

Why does everyone eventually need to use the same device?

Using multiple devices presents many challenges. Having a common device with known capabilities allows the school's infrastructure, IT support, purchases, training, and instructional practices to be aligned to the greatest advantage for our students.

Why has the school chosen Chromebooks over other devices, such as Ipads, etc.?

The Chromebook, although not a traditional computer, offers a fully functional web browser.  Devices such as an iPad, do not support the capabilities of many useful websites.  The Chromebook also offers seamless integration of student Gmail accounts, allowing them to utilize Google docs, presentations, sites, and other functions regularly used in our classrooms.  Furthermore, we considered long-term use of your investment.  Rock Canyon High School's Technology Plan currently supports student use of personally owned Chromebooks as well as other devices.  

We already own a device.  Can my child use that?

Your child may use another device during the “Chromebook Recommended” years (see the “Why 1-to-1?” section for details).  Keep in mind that a majority of our work will use a Chrome browser.  In general, laptops offer comparable access to these online resources.  Students with tablets will have more difficulty and may need to borrow a school-owned device for some assignments.   If your child will be using a tablet, consider supplying a keyboard for easy typing.

What is Rock Canyon’s Technology Plan?

Rock Canyon High School currently supports and will continue to support an environment where students are encouraged to appropriately utilize personally owned technological devices. One such device that RCHS will support is the use of Chromebooks; therefore, any eighth grader who purchases a Chromebook may have the opportunity to use it for multiple years.


How will teachers use the devices?

It’s important to understand that a computer could never take the place of a teacher.  However, computers greatly improve a teacher’s ability to address individual needs and better personalize student learning.  Our staff will continue to receive professional development on the latest research-based teaching practices, including techniques that utilize technology for differentiation, collaboration, and communication.

How will you balance technology and face-to-face interactions?

It is true that we live in a culture that revolves around staying connected through technology.  While we want to harness that resource for educational purposes, we also place tremendous value on face-to-face communication. As part of DCSD’s Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum, our teachers incorporate the 4 Cs on a daily basis (Collaboration, Communication, Creativity, and Critical Thinking).  In other words, as students are using technology to deepen their learning, they are still participating in conversations that bring worldwide research to the classrooms of Rocky Heights.  Additionally, students will continue to experience opportunities that step away from the screen, including art, drama, band, physical education, Enrichment, and more.


Do you have any purchasing options for parents to consider?

Yes.  Through a DCSD vendor, Govconnection, you can purchase a Chromebook with a full three-year warranty through Dell and a school discount.  Please click the Govconnection link for current offerings.

Dell support: Contact for live chat, email or phone


Toshiba support: Contact for live chat, email, and phone  


Purchasing a device is a financial strain.  What support will we receive from the school?

We understand that this expense may be difficult for some families.  We are taking a few steps to help with this situation.  First, you will find that our school supply list is greatly reduced. You will need to provide basic supplies (please see our school supply list), but we have set aside school funds to cover additional supplies.  Also, we have worked with vendors to offer a reduced price and warranty.  Finally, we are doing the “soft rollout” so that devices you already own can be used for the initial years of the program.  If you are financially unable to supply any device next year, please contact John Veit ( to learn about additional options.

Safety and Security

What is your Acceptable Use Policy?

There are specific guidelines surrounding technology use in the DCSD Student Code of Conduct.  We have also developed a student-friendly technology agreement that will be taught at the start of next school year.

What is Digital Citizenship?

Digital Citizenship is the use of appropriate and responsible behavior regarding technology.  During first quarter Enrichment, all students will participate in classes designed to educate them on cyberbullying, their digital footprint, and more.  We will also offer parent sessions throughout the fall and technology tips in our monthly school newsletter.

How will my child’s activity on the device be supervised throughout the day?

As with any school behavior, teachers will actively monitor classrooms and student activity throughout the day.  Students are expected to use their device ONLY for academic purposes.  A district firewall is in place while students are on the school network; however, just like on current school computers or phones, we cannot guarantee that students will not access inappropriate material.  Because your family owns the device, we ask that you help monitor online activity (social media, etc.) and discuss with your child what activities you find acceptable.

Children sometimes make poor choices with social media.  What are the consequences of those choices?

A majority of problems with social media occur outside of the school day.  We highly encourage you to set ground rules for your family’s technology use. Some examples are defining what websites your child may use, having your child access technology in a family room rather than his or her bedroom, and checking in cell phones during night hours.  When cyberbullying does occur, we take it very seriously.  Administration and counseling will investigate the situation and work to find a resolution through Restorative Practices.  Many times we include our School Resource Officer in these investigations.  You also have the option of contacting the police whenever you are concerned about your child’s safety.

Will the school use filters to protect my child from unacceptable websites?

When students are on the school district network, we have a firewall in place that limits availability to social media and flagged websites.  We do not have the ability to offer protection when not connected to the DCSD network.  

Theft and Damage

What if my child’s device is lost or stolen?

As a service to the community, we are currently working on a way to identify all devices using barcodes.  More information will be available at the beginning of the school year.  While the school will investigate all lost or stolen devices; ultimately, this technology is personally owned, similar to a backpack or phone, and is the responsibility of the student. During back to school assemblies, we will give your child tips on protecting their device.  

We are also providing an option for parents to place their student's device in our own RHMS inventory. Students may go to the library, register their device with us, and we will place a custom RHMS barcode on the device and charger. This will allow us to easily reunite a lost device with a student.

How will the device be stored during the day?

Teachers will be utilizing their team offices, as well as locking classrooms to secure devices while students are not in their teams (PE, lunch, etc).

What if my child’s device is damaged?

If you have purchased your child’s Chromebook through the school’s vendor, it comes with a three-year warranty that covers accidental damage.  Otherwise, we recommend inquiring about insurance through your personal agency.

My child’s backpack is already full.  How will he/she handle transporting a device?

Your child will still need paper, pencils and a binder.  However, this device has taken the place of textbooks and many other items that have previously been carried in a backpack.  We recommend that you go through your child’s backpack on a weekly basis to help with organization.