School Sessions

Here are the dates for School Clubs for the 2012/2013 School Year:

Session I - week of September 10th through week of October 8th
Session II - week of October 29th through week of December 10th
Session III - week of January 28th through week of March 4th
Session IV - week of April 15th through week of May 20th

Please note: Session I runs for 5 weeks. Sessions II-IV run for 6 weeks.

If you are interested in School Clubs please keep these dates in mind. Enrollment will be online only. Communication will be via the school wide weekly email blasts and possibly from your students teacher prior to the enrollment deadline for each session.

 School Clubs Session II

It's time to register for School Clubs Session II. The session runs from the week of 10/29/12 through the week of 12/14/12.

Click here to view the clubs offered and access the link to register. Registration Deadline is 10/25/12.