Staff & Classrooms

Jason Starkey, Principal
Candice Laviaguerre, Assistant Principal


                                  1st Grade                             
Jodee DeRose

                                2nd Grade                              
                              3rd Grade                              

                                  4th Grade                            

                                5th Grade                              
                              6th Grade                               

                         Discovery G/T Program                 
Joanna Bryan
Margaret Condron

                 School-Wide Support Staff                   
                    South Campus Support Staff                 
Vickie Reynolds, Bookkeeper
Michele Will, Registrar
Julie Clapper - Administrative Assistant
Tara Vigil, Health Assistant
Kevin Banuelos, Building Engineer

                   North Campus Support Staff                  
Joyce Patterson, Principal Secretary
Michele Will, Registrar
Vickie Reynolds, Bookkeeper
Amy Pamenter, Health Assistant
Jimmy Romero, Building Engineer

Rina Bruce, ESL
Ana Skowronek
                      Special Education Services                
Gretchen Seffron
Gary Getman
Kim Gopsill



      Learning Commons / Library Media Support        
Sharon Caster

              Science and Technology       
Kathy Kaminky, STEM   
                          Instructional Support                           
Cate Witter, Sped Assistant North
Rebecca Hale, Sped Assistant North
Toni Fogerty, Sped Assistant North
Anja Tighe, Education Assistant North
Deanna Dillon, Educational Assistant North
Priscilla Gullekson, Educational Assistant North
Mary Curfman, Educational Assistant North
Lindsay Yoxsimer, Educational Assistant North
Audrey Albrecht, Sped Assistant South
Inga Vickers, Sped Assistant South
Laura Ballard, Sped Assistant South
Barbara Morrill, Sped Assistant South
Lou Jezier, Educational Assistant South
Kasey Johnson, Educational Assistant South
Krista Schnaut, Educationl Assistant
Melissa Driskell, Instructional Assistant South
Dawn Hein Educational Assistant South

Ms. Leslie Schlag, Early Childhood Instructor 
Ms. Nicole Gutherless - Special Education Assistant
Ms. Connie McCann, Early Childhood Instructor  
Rita Doyle - Special Education Assistant
Pine Lane Preschool Specialists
Sue Murphy - Speech Language Pathologist
Linda Seid - ECSE, Early Childhood Special Educator
Hayley Spain - Occupational Therapist

           Pine Lane Bear Club (Before/After Care)       
Sally Smith, Director
Jamie Brownlee-Assistant Director
Rashel Hinchliffe- Program Leader
Megan Labelle- Program Leader
Alex Endres - Program Leader
Joshua Moran - Program Leader
Moira Nestorick - Program Aide

                            Cafeteria and Kitchen                 
South Kitchen
Tracy Garner, Manager
Penny Baribeau
Karrie Santana-Simon

North Kitchen
Rashel Hinchliffe, Manager
Mirta Lamas