World Class Specials Classes

Innovation and Integration Lab  In IIL, we learn what it means to be a CyberCitizen and the importance of CyberSafety.  We practice real-life skills, such as word processing, creating spreadsheets, and sharing ideas and knowledge through a variety of digital presentation formats.  We learn to work in teams, using technology to assist in collaboration and communication.  We gain confidence navigating real-world applications, such as Google Apps, Microsoft Office, iLife, and a growing bounty of Web 2.0 tools.  We explore creativity using technology to bring our ideas to life and to enhance the communication of knowledge and understanding.   Most importantly, we have fun while we learn to appreciate the value of technology integration in the 21st Century.

Physical Education  

In Physical Education, we focus on the four state standards: Movement Competence and Understanding, Physical and Personal Wellness, Emotional and Social Wellness, and Prevention and Risk Management.  Individual, partner, team, and whole-class activities are utilized to teach these standards as well as the importance of 21st century skills.  Collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and respect are all emphasized throughout our curriculum.   


Library Enrichment and Learning Commons

The Learning Commons at Pine Lane is a welcoming and fun place where students explore the wonders  of reading and 21st century skill enrichment. We strive to help students become lifelong readers and effective users of information.  Our Learning Commons provides students and staff access to more than 7,000 quality resources in support of student achievement.  Students and their families also have access to valuable resources provided by the district. Check out our free library resources.


Our students learn about themselves as well as the world around them while developing their artistic skills and interest in art.  Students learn and apply creative problem solving strategies and use critical thinking skills while developing 21st century learning knowledge through art studies and production. We explore a variety of art, artists, art history, cultures, and art techniques and processes. Students are exposed to a variety of art processes such as drawing, painting, printing, ceramics & sculpture.