Special Services

Special Education Services

Douglas County Schools offers special programs for students with learning, speech/language, emotional and physical disabilities.  If you believe your child needs the services of these programs, please contact your child’s teacher for more information. 

The Mild/Moderate program has a special education teacher(s) and teaching assistants who work with students who have Individualized Educational Plans.  They support students in the classroom to help them access grade level curriculum.  They also provide direct instruction in a pull-out setting if needed. 

The Significant Support Needs Program at Pine Elementary is designed for students who have significant educational and physical disabilities. Students within this setting have individualized programming that enables them to access some or all of the general curriculum. A Special Education teacher and Educational Assistants support this program. Most of the students in this program receive services within the general education classroom for the majority of their day. In combination with in class support, the students in this program receive direct one-on-one or small group instruction.

Speech and Language 

Speech language students are served by an experienced, full-time Speech/Language Pathologist (SLP) and an experienced Speech/Language Pathology Assistant.  Students enrolled in the program have active Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) and are working on: speech articulation, vocabulary and grammar development, understanding/expression of language concepts, auditory/listening skills, self-expression, voice or speech fluency. Most students are seen on a pull-out basis in small groups, with a few receiving one-on-one support.