School Goals

Pine Lane Elementary School continues to exceed state averages and growth targets in student performance levels in the majority of TCAP tested areas.  Additionally, our school continues to exceed national averages in NWEA/MAP tested areas. Pine Lane is rated as a “performance” school, the highest rating a school can receive based on one year and three year School Performance Frameworks issued by the state.  Our school performance is comparable, and in some cases higher, than area elementary schools in neighboring districts.  Our staff is dedicated to improving the overall student learning experience in state tested areas as well as areas that are essential to the growth and development of all children.

Pine Lane Elementary School continues to focus on improving our students’ academic performance and growth levels specifically in the areas of writing and math.  This is no easy feat as many variables impact the academic performance of students.  We believe that the developed action plans and strategies as noted in our UIP will help us make progress towards our priority need areas.

While increasing the academic performance of our students is essentially important, we also dedicate time and attention to other continuous improvement efforts that enhance the student learning experience and address student developmental needs, aside from student academic performance (based on TCAP and NWEA assessments).

Pine Lane Elementary School-Unified Improvement Plan