Personally Owned Devices

Pine Lane is working with our District to deliver World- Class Education for our students. We will now be allowing our students to use Personally Owned Devices (POD’s).  POD’s include laptops, Chrome books, Kindles, I-technology, etc.  The goal is to allow student’s access to online information throughout the school day, not just when in the computer lab or using school owned devices.

Safeguards for students

Students using POD’s will be held to the same standards as students using any other tool as agreed in the Students Rights & Responsibilities Handbook, which are signed annually. To prevent inappropriate Internet content, the wireless connection has safeguards.  Students and parents of Pine Lane will be required to sign an additional liability waiver, please see attached.

How will POD work?

By allowing students to utilize POD’s, students will have devices that best fit their learning styles and curriculum. Pine Lane will have the access to wireless Internet connections.

When will my student use POD’s?

Teachers will be able to decide when and where to allow usage of POD’s. For example, they may allow the use of devices for specific work times or classes etc.

Student Handbook References

Students will continue to follow expectations outlines in the students Rights and Responsibility handbook.

Students follow policy for anti-bullying and cyber bullying.

Students follow acceptable conduct with and without technology. 

Students follow JICJ Policy “Student Use of District Info Tech”.

Douglas County School District IT (POD) support is limited to ensuring no barriers from our network are causing unexpected performance in the POD.  All hardware repairs, software purchases, anti-virus, installations and upgrades are the responsibility of the device owner.  District owned software cannot be installed on personally owned devices.

Responsibility of POD users

It is the student’s responsibility to avoid theft, loss or damage of their devices. Students and families are also ultimately responsible for ensuring their devices are compatible with the District’s wireless system. Families are also responsible for ensuring that the devices have appropriate software and anti-virus programs.

Minimum Requirements for a Personally Owned Device:

●     Browser Minimum 

○     FireFox, Safari,  or Google Chrome

●     Up-to-date Anti-Virus Software on the Device

●     Wireless Card Support "WPA2 Enterprise" (Wireless Security)

●     Operating System Minimum

○     Macintosh

■     10.4.11 (Possible Cert Needed),  10.5.8,  10.6.6,  10.7.x

○     PC Systems

■     Windows XP SP3 or Newer (No Starter Editions)

■     Linux Kernel 2.6 or later

○     Mobile Devices

■     Apple IOS 3.2 or later

■     Android Donut or later

Following are known device constraints:

●     Apple iPad/iPod Touch – devices do not currently support Flash.  This could affect ability to view web-based videos.

●     Google Chromebooks – device does not support Java.  This could affect access to Infinite Campus for parent/student portal.

Danelle Hiatt,
Aug 11, 2013, 6:55 PM