Gifted and Talented

Gifted Programming is designed to meet the academic, social/ emotional, and behavioral needs of students identified with advanced learning needs. Teachers in the classroom differentiate instruction as students demonstrate a need for more depth and complexity. 

Elementary Discovery Program at Pine Lane Elementary School
The Douglas County School District has designed intensive programming for elementary school students in grades 2 through 6 who require educational programming beyond what can reasonably be expected from the regular classroom. These students can be identified by the following characteristics:
  • They make connections between and among disciplines and concepts beyond what could be expected among their age peers.
  • They are able to learn quickly and need appropriately paced instruction.
  • They are usually inquisitive and often passionate about one or more areas of interest.
  • They have interests beyond those which could be expected of their age peers.
  • They are advanced academically in language and/or math concepts.
  • They have curricular needs which must be modified beyond what is expected in the regular classroom.
  • They display a high level of cognitive potential.
  • Their social and emotional needs require grouping with intellectual peers not often available within the regular classroom.