Educator Residency Program

Pine Lane supports and develops collaborative professional partnerships between distinguished and apprentice teachers in order to enhance 21st century learning opportunities for our students and the educational community.

The Pine Lane and Colorado BoettcherTeacher Residency Program partnership is a model coaching and development program that supports incoming DCSD educators, under the guidance, coaching and support of distinguished teachers for a one year internship experience.  Boettcher internship candidates develop their teaching experience, education, learning and application of DCSD teaching principles in order to be viable, effective and successful DCSD teaching candidates.  

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Pine Lane Elementary School Staff and students benefit in the following ways:
  • Coaching and intern classrooms will have a lower student to teacher ratio 
  • All teachers will receive extensive training in highly effective instructional and coaching practices that benefit the growth and development of all students 
  • Teachers will utilize World Class instructional practices in the classroom including regular application of technology tools and 21st century learning principles with support and coaching by expert mentors 
  • More individualized and small group guided instruction and support will be provided for our students 
  • Enrich school culture and teaching dynamic  
  • Attract and retain teachers, students and families

Colorado Boettcher Teacher Residency Program

Structures: How is the program set up?

  • Residency model of teacher education 
  • Training future teachers in the classroom alongside mentor teachers for the full school year 
  • Best of both alternative teacher preparation and traditional teacher preparation 
  • Theory and practice continually interwoven through exchanges between coursework and field experiences, including a full-day Friday seminar throughout the entire year
  • Cohort model of teacher preparation