Transportation Information

East Terminal-Serving Parker Area Schools including Chaparral HS, Legend HS, and Ponderosa HS Regions

17801 E Plaza Drive
Parker, CO
Phone: 303-387-0570 Fax: 303-840-1882
Bob Buch, Area Manager
Sheri Neuman, Assistant Terminal Manager
After Hours Assistance 24/7 Phone: 303-387-9999                                          Bus Route Information (click here)

The school district’s transportation department carefully plans routes and bus stops with student safety and efficiency in mind.  Students are assigned specific bus stops to prevent overcrowding.

If you wish to have your child picked up or dropped off at a different bus stop or if you wish your child to ride a bus different from the one assigned, please send a note to obtain a pass from the office.    Most of these requests are granted, but they are subject to seating availability on the bus.  Please do not request your child to bring a friend from another school with them on the bus.  Liability considerations prevent us from approving such requests.  Occasionally, adjustments in the bus schedule are made to better accommodate parents and residents along the bus route.  If you would like to discuss a situation regarding the bus stop, please contact the Transportation Department directly at 303-387-0571.