Student leaving early?

posted Sep 12, 2017, 11:17 AM by
When students need to leave early from school, we ask them to present a note from their parent/guardian to a staff member in the main office, at the beginning of the day, to swap for a dismissal pass. We prefer not calling into classrooms as it disrupts the learning process for those in the room.  We do however, understand that there are unplanned times when a parent needs to pick up their child, when that happens we will either call into the classroom to dismiss the student or send a student aide to do so.

When your student needs to leave school early please:
  •  Provide your student a note with student's name, time to be picked up and the reason
    • Have your student present the note to our main office staff at the beginning of the day
      • staff will provide a pass for him/her and explain their reponsibility
    • Student will present the pass to the teacher in the class they will be leaving from
      • It is the student's responsibility to watch the clock and be in the main office at the time noted on the pass 
        • This is a 'responsibility' opportunity  (Of course we will call the student down if the student missed this opportunity after 5 minutes)
  • Parents will need to come into the school to sign their student out. (Student cannot sign themselves out, only in)
  • Students will need to sign back in if returning on same day .. parents do not need to come inside
  • We will call students down when necessary after the parent arrives to sign them out
    • Please keep in mind our traffic issues when planning how long it will take to get to our school, especially after 2pm.