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Parents, would you like information on how to talk with your teen about alcohol, drugs and mental health?  The Douglas County Youth Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition has three prevention events in Douglas County for how to talk with your teen about these issues, and to provide you with resources.  For more information: SPEAK NOW! DC Parent Events Flyer  or register here: SPEAK NOW! Registration 

Join Nutrition Services

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Link to MySchoolBucks Payment System - https://www.myschoolbucks.com/ver2/login/getmain?requestAction=home

Quick Reference for MySchoolBucks Payment System


For MySchoolBucks payment processing system help, please call the MySchoolBucks parent support line at 855-832-5226 x2048.

Transportation Information

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Transportation Information:

Bus Route information: https://www.dcsdk12.org/transportation/find-your-bus-route

Zpass information: Learn more about the new Photo ID Zpass

  1. If a parent cannot locate route information, please contact the DCSD Transportation team via the Let's Talk feedback tool.

  2. Please note that a student may have a different AM and PM bus route with different bus numbers, so parents should check both options.

Cell Phone Policy

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Please click on this link to view our CELL PHONE/COMMUNICATION DEVICE CONTRACT


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18-19 Bell Schedule & Counselor Assignments

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Please click this link to access 19-20 Bell Schedule

18-19 school year calendar

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Open Enrollment Begins November 1st

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Open Enrollment "Start Here"  


Families who wish to enroll their student in a school other than their neighborhood school must use this tool to request Open Enrollment during one of two open enrollment periods DCSD offers annually. You do not need to use this open enrollment tool to stay at your school of current enrollment.

·       Click here for step by step instructions on how to use the tool

· First round open enrollment is not first-come, first-served; you have until December 1 at 4:00pm to complete this process.

· You may request that a confirmation email be sent to you after your request has been submitted.

· Parents wishing to enroll their three & four year olds in district preschools do not go through open enrollment. Preschool registration will take place in early January. Follow this link for more information.

· You can change your open enrollment request choices at any time until December 1 at 4:00pm.

· You can choose to have your choices emailed to you after you have completed open enrollment.

· Schools have until December 7 at 4:00pm to offer you an open enrollment slot, based on space availability.  You can log back into EngagED parent portal on or after December 9 to check on any offers you may have received.

· You have until December 15th at 4:00pm to accept an open enrollment offer from a school through the EngagED parent portal.

· If your open enrollment request is not accepted by any school, or you didn't log in and accept your offer, you will automatically be placed on the second-round open enrollment waitlist, which runs from January 22 to August 1st.

· Second round open enrollment is "first come first served." Students requesting open enrollment only in the second round are placed on the waitlist behind those that are currently on the waitlist from first round.

· If you are open enrolled at a neighborhood school or attend a charter but would like to return to the neighborhood school associated with your address for the next school year you must file an intent to return form by January 8, 2018.

· If you are moving within the district but would like to remain at your current school, you may do so my filing an intent to remain form at any time.

NOTE: This application does not support applying to DCSD preschools.  The following Charter Schools will be utilizing the tool this year:  Sky View Academy, Academy Charter School, Aspen View Academy, Renaissance Secondary and Apex Community School. Please contact all other Charter schools directly to learn more about enrollment options for charter schools. For DCSD preschools click this link.

First Window: November 1, 2017 - December 1, 2017 

Second Window: January 22, 2018 - August 1 2018

Student leaving early?

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When students need to leave early from school, we ask them to present a note from their parent/guardian to a staff member in the main office, at the beginning of the day, to swap for a dismissal pass. We prefer not calling into classrooms as it disrupts the learning process for those in the room.  We do however, understand that there are unplanned times when a parent needs to pick up their child, when that happens we will either call into the classroom to dismiss the student or send a student aide to do so.

When your student needs to leave school early please:
  •  Provide your student a note with student's name, time to be picked up and the reason
    • Have your student present the note to our main office staff at the beginning of the day
      • staff will provide a pass for him/her and explain their reponsibility
    • Student will present the pass to the teacher in the class they will be leaving from
      • It is the student's responsibility to watch the clock and be in the main office at the time noted on the pass 
        • This is a 'responsibility' opportunity  (Of course we will call the student down if the student missed this opportunity after 5 minutes)
  • Parents will need to come into the school to sign their student out. (Student cannot sign themselves out, only in)
  • Students will need to sign back in if returning on same day .. parents do not need to come inside
  • We will call students down when necessary after the parent arrives to sign them out
    • Please keep in mind our traffic issues when planning how long it will take to get to our school, especially after 2pm.

Student Photos

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Student Photos are taken by DR Photo this year.   To order photos click on this link (DR-Photo.com), Scroll down - then click on the orange button "Order School Portraits". 
Enter Your School Photo Password Here:
Our MRMS photo password is  MRMSFALL17

RETAKE DAY is October 2nd during lunches

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