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Visual and Performing Arts

Mountain Ridge offers a wide variety of Performing Arts programs to meet the interests of all students at MRMS. You can be a part of the Arts at MRMS  during the school day, before school, and after school. In school offerings include: Band, Choir, Drama, Orchestra, Art and Digital Art classes. Before school offerings include: Jazz Band, Jazz Choir, Men's Choir, Theater Council, and Warped Improve Troupe (WIT). After school offerings include: the Fall Musical, Independent Instrumental Instruction, the Spring Play, and Thespian Troupe.

Mr. Estell (Band/Orchestra), Mrs. Russell (Choir), and Mrs. Williams (Drama) provide a variety of opportunities for students to be able to perform in-school performances for the student body and after-school performances for parents and the community. Additionally, they provide opportunities to travel to participate in community performance events, adjudicated festivals/competitions and art showcases.