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Support Systems

These services focus on teaching students how to appropriately resolve conflicts, effectively build relationships, and demonstrate positive classroom behaviors essential to safe and healthy learning environments.  

PREVENTION SERVICES focus on preventing social, emotional, behavioral, and academic problems in school.
Character Education Curriculum/Bully Proofing Program
R.A.M. Time: our daily dose of advisement which provides students with positive RELATIONSHIPS, connections to other peers and adults through ADVISEMENT, and activities that promote MENTORING.  Students participate in developmentally driven physical, mental, and team-building activities with the goal of having each day start off in a positive manner. Students also participate in our bully proofing program.

SKILL DEVELOPMENT SERVICES focus on designing and strengthening the academic and developmental assets of students.
Organizational Skill Development
Study Skills
Note Taking Strategies
W.I.N.: Work In Now is an after school program held in our library which assists students to be active in completing homework on time in a focused setting.

LEADERSHIP SERVICES focus on assisting in the development and use of effective learning strategies.
Emphasis Leadership Opportunities
National Junior Honor Society
Student Council
R.A.M. Leaders
Peer Advisors

EVALUATION SERVICES focus on identifying and responding to individual student learning needs.
Working with teachers and specialists to tailor curriculum needs, adapting teaching practices, and implementing interventions to increase student academic achievement.
RESOURCE SERVICES focus on connecting students, school staff, and families to needed school and community resources.
Douglas County has an extensive amount of resources available for community members to use when different situations arise.  Please use the below link to access the Douglas County Resource Guide: