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Gifted and Talented Programming

Mountain Ridge Middle School is one of a very few schools that has a dedicated facilitator for Gifted and Talented programs.  There is strong and increasing collaboration between our elementary schools and Mountain Vista HS as we provide for a continuum of classes and the transition between the levels.

Supporting the needs of Gifted and Talented students has been a consistent priority in our feeder area.  These students have special needs that must be provided for in order for them to be successful.  We believe strongly, and we train our teachers, in providing opportunities for these students to advance in their areas of giftedness.  Through a collaboration with Mountain Vista HS, we currently have 57 students taking courses there on a daily basis, and we are continuing to expand these opportunities.

We develop and maintain annual Advanced Learning Plans for each of our identified GT students.  We also provide numerous opportunities for acceleration for these students and for high achieving students.  Our student support practices include weekly team meetings to discuss and provide resources for the needs of individual students including our GT students.