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Parent Involvement

Collaboration and involvement of parents in the process of educating students is increasingly important as we all must support their growth in a consistent and informed manner.  Teaming up around their activities and efforts is key to developing their ownership of learning and their self confidence and dedication to pursing their areas of interest and passion.

Parents, first and foremost, are their child’s most important teacher.  We work to involve and educate parents about the importance of this role through our Parent Education Boot camp, email, websites, our Infinite Campus Parent Portal, activities, and newsletters.  Parents can often be found around the school acting as judges in debates, conducting professional interviews for students trying out for positions of leadership, helping with productions and concerts, participating in our Career Day, and helping with communicating about all the wonderful things going on at Mountain Ridge.  Our parents are an important asset to us.  Thank you for your involvement.

The School Accountability Committee (SAC) meets monthly to hear about current happenings/issues at the school, provide direction and feedback to the school, and help to set budgetary and academic priorities.  The SAC leadership body is made up of parents, staff, and administration, and is an important component of our continued improvement.

Our staff and administration attempts to keep parents involved and informed.  One of our staff leaders is conducting an extensive research study about the effects and benefits of “Residual Engagement” between parents and their children.  This study is intended to describe and measure the significance of student/parent interaction around topics of study at school.  It is our belief that expanding people’s awareness about the benefits of these intellectual and academic conversations will further enhance our students’ success in school.