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Comprehensive Extracurricular Activities

Here at Mountain Ridge Middle School we believe every student should have the opportunity to be involved and connected to their school with an extracurricular activity.  It is important for students to explore new interests and delve deeper into those things they are passionate about.  Our athletic programs promote sportsmanship and skills development.  We level our teams so there are no cuts and every student who desires to play will get that opportunity.  Our performing arts programs include drama, choir, band and orchestra.  These programs offer a variety of opportunities for students to find their artistic niche.  We promote student leadership in all our productions.  The students make the sets, control the technical pieces of stage management, lights, and sound, create the costumes, and get involved with the fundraising and promotion.  Each year we offer a diversity of clubs from floor hockey to Jazz Band.  Our student council, National Junior Honor Society, peer advisors, and yearbook club all promote community service and a positive school culture.  We will continue to provide ample opportunity for student involvement because we know that students who get involved with extracurricular activities excel in school, learn valuable life skills, and have more fun!