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21st Century Learning Opportunities

Mountain Ridge Middle School is proud of its efforts to create a learning environment that is challenging, authentic, and current for our students.  There are a wide array of opportunities for students to learn and grow in the skills needed to be successful in our global society.  Our staff provides a safe learning environment for students to creatively explore and collaborate on a variety of vital topics and current issues.  

Our academic teams are structured around a small group of students so that integrated units and personalized supports are available to all students.  Along with Math, Science, Social Studies and Language arts, our team have a health/PE teacher, academic support/literacy teacher, and an ELT teacher for applied learning experiences.  This group of 150-180 students (much smaller than an elementary school) develop relationships and common shared experiences as they collaborate around authentic problem solving experiences.

As a comprehensive middle school, Mountain Ridge has made extensive efforts to train and equip its staff to facilitate a constructivist philosophy as they support students in their social, emotional, physical, and academic growth.  Constructing knowledge through solving important problems and developing a strong conceptual understanding behind the skills they are mastering.  Understanding the “why” of a new skill is extremely important to students internalizing the learning, and making it their own.  We want their learning to be “enduring” rather than the goal being just to get the right answer.  Brain research supports that having students construct their knowledge base rather than just completing and mastering isolated skills is how we need to prepare students to be successful in the ever expanding and complex information based society that we live in.

We offer a broad spectrum of theater, music, language, technology, consumer studies, engineering, clubs, and activities that help support the growth of a well rounded student.  We believe it is very important to help students explore and find their interests and passions as they progress through middle school.  Through this broad range of course offerings, we allow students to make significant choices about what they pursue and become involved in at school.