Staff & Faculty Contacts

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7 Blue Team  Team 7 Blue Website  
7 Green Team   Team 7 Green Website  
7 Red Team  Team 7 Red Website  
7 YellowTeam  Team 7 Yellow Website  
8 Blue Team  Team 8 Blue Website  
8 Green Team  Team 8 Green Website  
8 Red Team  Team 8 Red Website  
8 Yellow Team  Team 8 Yellow Website  
Anderson, Steve Teacher Website  7 Red Math  
Andriese, Roann Teacher Website 8 Yellow Math 
Ashby, Kim Teacher Website 8 Blue Social Studies 
Attendance Attendance Page 303-387-1802 
Ballard, Kim   EA IV 
Barnett, Alvin  Security 
Beckett, Andrea Teacher Website World Languages - French 
Beckett, Brett Teacher Website Multimedia 
Bergfalk, Melissa Teacher Website 8 Blue Math 
Bittler, Adam Teacher Website 8 Yellow Social Studies 
Blair, Rick Teacher Website 8 Blue Social Studies 
Bratina.Norma  EA IV SPED 
Braun, Lori  Health Assistant/Receptionist 
Cancino, Jen Teacher Website 7 Yellow Ilab 
Castillo, Vicki  EAIV SPED 
Clarke, Shannon Administration Page Principal 
Clark, Sarah  7 Yellow Science 
Coe,Linda  EA IV 
Cole, Katie Teacher Website World Language - Spanish 
Cole, Paul Teacher Website 8 Red PE/Health 
Correa, Hilda  Night Lead Custodian 
Counseling Department  Counseling Website  
Darnell, Amber Teacher Website 7 Red Ilab 
Davis, Kelli  Attendance Secretary 
Davis, Larry Teacher Website 7 Blue Science 
Deano, Darcy  8 Blue STEM 
DiPasquale, Kevin Teacher Website 8 Yellow STEM 
Elliot, Mark Teacher Website 8 Green STEM / Social Studies 
Estell, Jeremy Teacher Website Intrumental Music 
Feeler, Rob Administration Page Assistant Principal / Athletic Director 
Fender, Robin Administation Page Admin. Dean  
Foster, Hollie  EA IV Home Base 
Fox-Gliessman, Deb Teacher Website 7 Blue iLab 
Furey, Tara Teacher Website 7 Blue Math 
Goldman, Jennifer Teacher Website SPED MM 
Graham-Herring, Christine Teacher Website 7 Yellow Social Studies  
Greeno, Margene Bookkeeper Page Office - Bookkeeper 
Grissom, Michelle Teacher Website 7 Blue Social Studies 
Gugel, Danni Teacher Website 8 Red Language Arts 
Ham, Jessica Social Worker Website Social Worker 
Hand, Trena Administration Page Asst. Principal / Activities Director 
Harvey, Vivian  Library Asst.  
Hemesath, Lori  EA 1  
Hepworth, Brianne Teacher Website 7 Yellow Language Arts 
Herrera, Joe  8 Green Language Arts / P.E.  
Hintz, Carrie  SPED 
Hoskins, Nanette Teacher Website 7 Green Math / Science 
Hutchings, Jennifer Counseling Page Counselor  
Johnson, Bo Teacher Website 8 Red Science 
Johnson, Savannah  SPED 
Jones, Monica Teacher Website 7 Blue Language Arts  
Keller, Heidi Teacher Website SPED MM 
Kelly, Mike Teacher Website 8 Blue Health/PE 
Klinkerman, Anthonette Teacher Website 8 Yellow Language Arts 
Klinkerman, Dave Teacher Website 7 Green Social Studies / PE/Health 
Knutson, Cathie Teacher Website World Languages - Spanish 
Krumreich, Bernadette Teacher Website 8 Red Math 
LaTourette, Haley Teacher Website SPED MM 
Lemons, Jeff Teacher Website 7 Yellow Health/PE 
Liz Timoschuk  Kitchen Manager 
Lopez, Steve Teacher Website 8 Yellow Health/PE 
Losness, Shelly Teacher Website Art 
McDaniel, Laurilea Teacher Website Drama  
McIntosh, Kelli  EA IV 
McKinney, John Teacher Website 8 Yellow Science 
Metzger, Crystal Counseling Page  Counselor  
Montague, Kathy Teacher Website PLS 
Moore, Paula Counseling Page  Counselor  
Morgan, Kate Teacher Website Intro. to E-Pub & Yearbook 
Mussallem, Maddie   EA IV  
Najera, Maria  Custodian 
Nease, Zac  7 Red P.E./ Health 
Nockels, Denise  EA IV - SPED 
Norton, Tiffany Teacher Website 8 Green Math / Science 
Nutter, Brian Teacher Website Psychologist 
Paulukovich, Jim Tech Webpage  
Personett, Lynette Teacher Website Innovation & Design Lab 
Poland, Cory Teacher Website Speech Language Pathologist 
Pritchard, Cindy Teacher Website Consumer & Family Studies  
Reese, Neil  8 Blue Science 
Reeves, Lucas Teacher Website Choir/Music Lab 
Reynolds, Pam Teacher Website SPED MM 
Rodriguez, Shannon Registration Website Office - Registrar 
Russell, Cathy Athletics/Activities Office - Athletic/Activities/Discipline Secretary 
Savage, Alan Teacher Website 7 Red Science 
Schelt, Heather Teacher Website 8 Red STEM 
Serrano, Jose  Building Engineer 
Shank, Julie Teacher Website SPED MM 
Sheehan, Kathy Principal Secretary. Page Office - Admin. Asst. to the Principal 
Shives, Paula Teacher Website ESL Teacher  
Shroyer, Jeff Teacher Website Exploring World Cultures 
Smith, Natalie  School Nurse Consultant 
Soderholm, Susan  EA 1 
Sprafke, Karen Teacher Website 7 Green Language Arts / Ilab 
Stokes, Peter  7 Red Social Studies 
Sullivan, Jamie jamie.sullivan@dcsdk12org Teacher Website 7 Red Language Arts 
Tech Tech Website CRT 
Tuccio, Heather Teacher Website 7 Yellow Math 
Vincelette, Pete Teacher Website Librarian 
Walsh, Bernie  Security 
Wilkinson, Alison Teacher Website 8 Blue Language Arts  
Willis, Zerph Teacher Website 7 Blue P.E/Health 
Windholz, Amanda Teacher Website Dimensions in Literacy/GT Facilitator 
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