Instrumental Music

Hello Mammoth Heights Band Parents, 

Thanks for all your support this year!  You as parents are making a HUGE difference in your child's life (the new BRAIN RESEARCH out on playing an instrument is staggering!)  Thanks especially to teachers and administrators (Our assistant principal, Ms. Hall, was spotted at the Grand Finale Concert last Tuesday!).


LAST DAYWednesday, May 20 - Beginning and Intermediate Band Party.

INSTRUMENT RETURN: If your child is using a school owned instrument, please return it or make arrangements with me to rent it (for 1/2 rent) over the summer.  If you got an instrument from a music company at Chaparral rental night last August, it is best to keep renting the clarinet over the summer so that the rent you have paid toward purchase of the instrument is not forfeited.  Or please contact the company and make arrangements for them to pick it up (they will usually come to the school office to pick up instruments).

INSTRUMENT CLEANING & REPAIR: Summer is the time to make sure your child's instrument is in good working order.  If renting from a company, contact them to see if your contract covers cleaning and repair.  The following stores do excellent repair and cleaning:  CIOMIT located in Castle Rock and Kolacny Music in Denver.

Don't forget Summer Band Camp July 20-24 at Sierra Middle School.

Have a great summer!

Mr. Hamaker 

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