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Terracycle Team

Ways Terracycle Has Helped Our Community

With our recycling efforts, here are some of the
ways FSE is giving back!

Giving clean water to a person who lacks access to this
most essential element

Providing meals to people in need

Adopting wildlife land critical to the safety of our wildlife
in America

Planting trees in an American forest

Providing baby chickens to families in need

Giving school supplies to children in need

Donations to various charities like the American Red

Providing FSE Garden Club funds to help buy supplies

We recycle lunchables, chip bags, Caprisuns and  empty glue sticks and bottles with Terra-cycle.  We have teams in each 5th grade class collecting these things at school.  When we turn in our recycled materials we get points from the recycling company.  The points are used for money that comes back to the school, this money is then put back into our Green School Efforts.  See below for the difference we have made this year with our efforts!

  • Reduced 210 pounds of carbon from the atmosphere
  • Adopted over 1 mile of wildlife land
  • Provided 4 baby chickens to needy families
  • Provided 3 geese to needy families
  • Provided 20 honey bees to needy families
  • Provided school supplies to 5 homeless students
  • Provided clean water to 8 people for a year
  • Provided clean water to 52 people for a week
  • Provided 30 meals to Americans facing hunger