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Inclement Weather

Storm Schedule 

A YELLOW FLAG will be displayed in front of the school alerting parents of a late start or storm delay dismissal. 

DELAYED START- one  hour later with a start time of 10:10 am. 

Weather Hotline 303-387-7669 or Watch Channels 4, 7,9 or check the District website www.dcsdk12.org

Delayed Start: 

The district also has procedures regarding delayed start times due to snow accumulation in the mornings. On rare occasions, we have had early dismissals if a blizzard is expected.
The district checks roads at 4 am in the morning. They decide if it will be a late start before school starts by Feeder Region (usually based on bus access on side streets and safety of students walking).

You can check the District web site for school closures or the District hotline 303-387-SNOW (7669). We may not have this closure posted on our website depending on the time of day it is called. 

Lightening at dismissal: 

Inclement Weather

Be sure you know your students' plans for a delayed or early dismissal.
An announcement will be made to remain in your classroom when dismissal is delayed due to weather.
An announcement will be made when it is safe for children to be dismissed.
Flags are placed outside for families to see that there is delayed dismissal.
Children may be released from your class only to authorized adults. 
Keep a list of adults to whom you release the children.
Children may use phones under your direction to inform families.  You must speak to the person that you give permission for the child to leave with.

Lightning Policy

All schools in the district are encouraged to utilize the Weather Bug app to monitor radar and National Weather Service bulletins.

The district followed CHSAA lighting guidelines, which state that outdoor activities shall be suspended wand personnel moved indoors when lightning is within a six mile radius.  Activities shall remain suspended util the meter or other device indicates there is no longer lightning within a six mile radius for at least 15 minutes.

Recesses will be shortened or canceled whenever the possibility of a lightning storm exists in the area. 

Delayed Dismissal

In the event of unsafe weather conditions at Flagstone, the principal or designee will decide to delay dismissal.  This is not something we can plan in advance--often the decision is made 5-10 minutes before school ends. When lightning is present at dismissal time, we dismiss differently in order to ensure safety for all people involved. A yellow weather flag raised on the main flagpole in front of the school means a lightning dismissal. The office sends a School Messenger blast and puts the notification on the front page of the website to notify parents that they need to come in to pick up their children. Students can also call their parents from the classrooms as soon as a delayed dismissal is announced to let parents know they need to be picked up or are waiting for the all-clear signal. Staff members with Kiss N Go duty should stand in the galleria to direct parents to the classrooms.

Parents/Guardians or other adults over the age of 18, who have been given permission in Infinite Campus, may pick up their children/younger siblings during a lighting delay at their own risk. Siblings under the age of 18 coming to pick up a younger sibling will be asked to stay in the building and will NOT be released. (At times, high school students are able to leave the premises under their own accord, but they will not be allowed to remove younger siblings from a building in the event of a lightning delay.)

Students should stay in their classrooms until the all-clear signal is given, or parents pick them up there. When parents arrive at the classroom, students are released to them immediately, even if the bell has not rung. We can only dismiss students to their parents or a person listed on the emergency release form. Teachers will have parents sign out their children on a class list provided in the emergency backpacks, and will turn them in to the office before leaving the building.

Walking: School will monitor lighting in accordance to the proximity from their building, but cannot guarantee the lightning in relation to all students' final destinations. Once conditions at the site are considered to be safe, students will be released. Parents are encouraged to communicate with the school in advance of students departing from the school if they need alternate arrangements.

Should the delay last beyond 4:10 p.m., teachers will bring remaining bus riders to the gym, walkers/riders to the music room, and car riders to the learning commons, with their sign outs and corresponding emergency release forms. Supervision will be provided by the leadership team and any available staff members who would be willing to stay late.

Delayed Start/Early Dismissal

This type of delay typically means that school will start 90 minutes later than usual.  The school buses run 1.5 hours later and all students should arrive at school 1.5 hours later. For Flagstone, this means school starts at 10:40 a.m.  This does not mean that you come at 10:40, you are to still attempt school at the regular time while staying safe when getting here.

On occasion it is necessary to dismiss school early. The decision to dismiss early is made by the district using the same procedures as a snow day or delayed start. In this event, students and staff follow the Emergency School Closure Form instructions that each parent has filled out and turned into the classroom teacher. Parents go directly to the classroom to sign out the student. Only dismiss students to their parent or a person listed on the closure form. If your class is having specials, take your closure forms to the specials classroom and assist in the dismissal.

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