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Welcome to Flagstone Elementary School!
We are proudly part of the Douglas County High School Feeder region

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Bully Prevention

Please visit our Bully Prevention Page here.  If you would like to report and incident of bullying at Flagstone please fill out the form on our Bully Prevention page.  Every incident reported will be followed up on immediately.

Flagstone Vision and Mission

Flagstone Elementary School
Friendly- Learning- Community

Our mission statement is:
Flagstone Elementary will be a safe, friendly, child-centered learning community focused on excellence and success for each student

Mustangs ROCKS
Open Minded
Safe and Friendly

Please check out our ROCKS Matrix belowThis was created by our Students, Staff and Community Stakeholders.

PLEASE Read with your child:
Flagstone ROCKS Agreement
Sign the agreement on the last page and return to your teacher.