The Cougar Run School Accountability Committee ("SAC") serves in an advisory capacity to the school leadership team. The CRUN SAC duties include working with and supporting the leadership team on allocation of budget resources, articulating school policies, developing programs that support continuous academic improvement and social-emotional growth, and documenting school improvement efforts.

Typically, the Council meets once a quarter.  The CRUN SAC consists of parents, business/community representative, members of Partner in Education, teachers and the Principal and Assistant Principal.  Other parent representatives can be a part of the SAC, but only three hold voting member positions. It is not typical that the group takes a formal vote on most matters, but rather works collaboratively to support the Leadership as they make decisions for the school.

If you are interested in serving on this committee in the future, please email John Gutierrez ( If necessary,we will hold elections after all parent inquiries have been received.  Typically, we want to have all parents who submit their interest to participate in SAC. 

If you have questions, please call John Gutierrez at 303-387-6675.

SAC Membership and Meeting Dates