Attention incoming 7th grade CRMS parents!  We are gearing up to have your awesome kids here in the fall!  We have a few calendar dates to share with you regarding upcoming events that you will want to participate in!

6th Grade Parent Night is an opportunity for parents (no students, please) to visit our school and rotate through four stations to learn more about CRMS.  We are excited to have you come visit with us!  If you can't come on the night you were assigned, feel free to join on the opposite night.

6th Grade Field Trips provides an opportunity for your son/daughter to come to our school during school hours to see how our school works, talk to current students, and take a tour.  Permission slips will come home through your child's 6th grade teacher, and students will be transported via bus (MDVE students will walk).

April 12 6:00-7:30: 6th Grade Parent Night for MDVE, SHE, and SED. 
April 18 6:00-7:30:  6th Grade Parent Night for CSE, LES, and REN.
May 3: MDVE 6th grade field trips
May 5: SHE and REN 6th grade field trips
May 10: CSE 6th grade field trips
May 12: SED and LSE 6th grade field trips, as well as students who have open enrolled from another school.
End of July: New Beginnings and SOAR Programming.  More info about this at the Parent Nights!