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Discovery Program

The Douglas County School District has designed programming for middle school students who require educational challenges beyond what can reasonably be expected from the regular school program in order to realize their individual potential. These students can be identified by the following characteristics:

  • They make connections between and among disciplines and concepts beyond what could be expected among their age peers.
  • They are able to learn quickly and need appropriately paced instruction.
  • They are usually inquisitive and often passionate about one or more areas of interest.
  • They have interests beyond those which could be expected of their age peers.
  • They are advanced academically in math and/or language concepts.
  • They have curriculum needs which must be individualized beyond what is expected in the regular classroom.
  • They display a high level of cognitive potential.
  • Their social and emotional needs require grouping with their intellectual peers not often available within the regular classroom.

This program will address the needs of this population by:

  • allowing for both acceleration and enrichment in one or more areas of the curriculum, thus ensuring student progress commensurate with ability.
  • stressing academically rigorous content in order to excel in meeting the Douglas County Content Standards in identified areas of strength.
  • meeting academic, emotional, and social needs.
  • fostering self motivation, responsibility and self confidence and establishing patterns of independent lifelong learning.

Selected students will be grouped together for challenging language arts and/or math classes.