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Coordinated School Health
Did you know that lunch should provide one third of the day's total nutritional needs? Lunch plays a critical role in our children's health and school performance. When children skip lunch or have a nutrient poor lunch, they are more likely to have trouble concentrating in the classroom, lack adequate energy to get through the day and participate in sports or activities, and often overeat on low-nutrient/high calorie, after school snacks.

Whether children eat a school provided lunch or pack a lunch from home, the goal is to provide a nutrient rich meal that fuels their brains and bodies all afternoon. The trick is providing a healthy meal that also appeals to your child so they actually eat it. There are several great websites that can help with this. Take a look and make lunch an A!

www.eatright.org (American Dietetics Association website with tons of usable nutrition info)

www.mypyramid.gov (the newest version of the interactive US Food Guide pyramid)

www.nih.gov (National Institute of Health)