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Website Evaluation (RADCAB)

Before you use information, you should make an effort to see if your source is reliable. The RADCAB acronym helps you remember what areas to address BEFORE you use the website's information. With access to so many websites, you need to be able to quickly determine which website gives you the best information. Use the form below to help you.

RADCAB” ™ A mnemonic acronym for information evaluation

Created by Karen M. Christensson, M.S. Library Media Education


Web Site Evaluation Form


  Were your keywords/phrases specific and/or focused?   Yes     No

  Did your search get you immediately to quality sites?    Yes     No


  Is the site appropriate for your research?                    Yes     No

  Is the site appropriate for your age?                           Yes     No

  Is the information confusing or make you feel uneasy?   Yes     No


  Is the detail you’re looking at in-depth and helpful?        Yes     No

  Is the page well organized and easy to read?                Yes     No

  Does the page have a “works cited” page for sources?    Yes     No


  Does the site tell when last published or updated?        Yes     No

  Do the links take you to active websites?                    Yes     No


  Is the author/sponsor qualifications given?                   Yes   No

  Did you find same info from other sources?                  Yes   No


  What is the general purpose for the website? 

  (Ex: Inform, Entertain, Persuade, Sell, etc.)

        .edu   .net   .gov   .com   .org


Using the evaluation questions you answers above, WRITE A 3-5 SENTENCE explanation as to what grade (4-3-2-1) you would give your website.  Be ready to defend your answer!!!!