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Soccer Ball Video

Floating Pitch

Human Centered Problem Solving Resources

For Students

How to Brainstorm Effectively - video from a few Stanford Design School students.

How NOT to Brainstorm - rejoinder to the previous video

Have Paper, Will Prototype - this video shows that a prototype is anything tangible that makes your thinking public.

The “Deep Dive” video - shows how designers at IDEO work, think, design, and create.

Brainstorming done right - explains the process of effective brainstorming.

For Teachers

Stanford k-12 dschool - Great space to find resources on utilizing design thinking methodologies in K12 settings

Nueva School’s Design Thinking - this design lab is run by Kim Saxe, who is also a facilitator/fellow in Stanford’s K12 Lab

d.School’s Bootcamp Guide - 36 page document that outlines the entire process of Design Thinking.

David Kelley on Design Thinking - video of David’s conversation with new students to the d.School.

Tim Brown -TED Talk on Design and Play

Matt Montagne’s tour of Stanford’s d.School - a little summary along with short videos of this unique space on Stanford’s campus

Introduction to Design Thinking lesson with the sophomore students from Matt’s Montagne's dschool. This is a blog post description of the lesson. Includes photos and videos.

Photos/Video of Matt’s Montagne's Design Thinking lesson on Flickr

Empathy Video



Atomic LearningProvides short, easy-to-view-and-understand tutorials for software applications available to our students. This database requires a school password.

Teachingbooks.netWith this database you can easily access thousands of author programs, book guides, book readings and author websites without registering. This database requires a school password. 

The Colorado Virtual Library: is a cooperative project of the Colorado State Library and the Colorado library community to provide access to the information resources of the libraries of the state to support the education, business, health, social service, and personal growth activities of the residents of Colorado.

Website Evaluation Techniques

Before you use information, you should make an effort to see if your source is reliable. The RADCAB acronym helps you remember what areas to address BEFORE you use the website's information. With access to so many websites, you need to be able to quickly determine which website gives you the best information. Use the form below to help you. 



A mnemonic acronym for information evaluation. 

Created by Karen M. Christensson, M.S. Library Media Education.

DCSD Online DatabasesThese databases are available from school as well as home. Bookmarks listing all user names/logins and passwords are available in the library. All the necessary information is also posted by all student computers in the building. Databases require the student's public library card number from home only. 

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