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Castle Rock Middle School Library Learning Commons

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Our Vision for the Library Learning Commons: 
Our mission is to ensure that students and staff are effective users of ideas, information and technology, 
and engage in creative and critical thinking.

Our Library Learning Commons focuses on encouraging reading for the pure enjoyment of it! We work hard to keep our collection up to date with the most popular fiction based on award-winning lists and student suggestions. Our teachers and staff help us with non-fiction selections that support student projects and research. 

Every year we host the Battle of the Books - an inter-district reading competition that encourages friendly competition and the importance of reading for the fun of it. The Battle of the Books for 2015 takes place at the end of April. More information can be found here

We know that
This year theLibrary Learning Commons has kicked off its new Maker Space to give our almost 900 students an environment to invent prototypes of solutions to the global problems they learn about in their classes. 
A Maker Space is a flexible environment that creates the opportunity for collaboration and communication, so that students may attain 21st Century skills. It is our goal to make our space a comfortable environment in which to introduce physical, manipulatable technology to our whole school and a space for scheduled classes or unscheduled individuals from different grades and classes to come together to invent and learn.

Our Maker Space is a place for students to experiment and create solutions to problems. So far we have begun our project with the donation of recycled and consumable materials (cardboard, plastics, paper, glue, tape, ribbons, etc.) by the library to the maker-space via fundraising, a library materials wish list made available to the community, and delegation of 5% of the yearly library budget toward maker-space purchases of technology and other resources (software, other building materials, tools, etc.)

At Castle Rock Middle School we believe that a strong library program requires collaboration with teachers as well as quality instruction and resources.  We encourage and support the integration of technology in project based learning as well as inquiry based learning. 


Castle Rock Middle Library Learning Commons is an encouraging, challenging and supportive place where students, staff and community members come to inquire, discover and apply knowledge on the journey towards excellence.