Tech at Bear Canyon


We have been very fortunate to have the gift of Mrs. Combs this year. She works with the District Library Media Center and she brought many great things to BCE for students to use and explore.  She has shared her Bee Bots and provided subscriptions to Tynker for our students. She also brought 10 DASH robots to Bear Canyon for students to use while learning how to make the robots work with iPad Apps.  
K-3 Students used the Bee Bots and Blue Bots while they explored how to make the devices do what they wanted them to do.

In grades 4-6 students used Bee Bots, Blue Bots and had lots of work time using the DASH Robots as well. We have had a great time learning how to use these new pieces of technology in our building. 

Students learned to use coding language to practice problem solving skills and evaluated their own ability to persevere when faced with a challenge.  

Internet Safety and Privacy 

Students at Bear Canyon are taught to be responsible digital citizens.  Through the assistance of websites like Common Sense Media, parents have access to information that can help support that learning.  Click here for a tip sheet for parents published on a website called Netsmartz.

Keyboarding Skills
Keyboarding is a life skill. Students must have a strong ability to communicate efficiently without the struggle of trying to find the keys on the keyboard.  All students are encouraged to practice a few times each week. We tell students to focus on accuracy and using home row and the rest will follow. Check out our Student Links page - it has many fun games and activities to help students improve their skill.  Parents, you can challenge your child to improve while you work on your skills too.  My favorite game now is called "ClutterGrams"!  It is truly addictive.