Student Health

School Nurse Consultant

Cheryl Tabor, RN
Office: (303)519-3916
Cell     (303)519-3916

Nurse Consultant Role

School Nurse Consultants can manage students with significant health concerns at individual schools, including elementary, secondary, charter, preschools, before and after child care programs, summer sessions and ChildFind.  The goal of the School Nurse Consultant is to work closely with parents, health care providers, school staff and others to coordinate the health care of the student.  One-time health issues are handled by either the School Nurse Consultant assigned to your school or a regional on-call triage nurse who directs each situation to the appropriate nursing staff member.  School Nurse Consultants also provide direct services as needed by training and delegating to personnel working with students identified as having complex medical needs.

School Health Assistant

April Parcells
Office: (303)387-6482

Health Assistant Role

Most schools have an identified person, called the Health Assistant, who carries out the medical duties for a limited time during the day. Other office staff members help fill this role in the absence of the Health Assistant. The Health Services Department provides oversight of the health assistants and other school personnel who are available to respond to the immediate health needs of students.

Typically, Health Assistants and other office staff members are not medical professionals. School Nurse Consultants provide general training and safety plans involving first aid training and the care of sick children who come to the classroom teacher or office staff with a health need. The office staff is also supplied with a Health Guidelines Manual that specifies actions for a variety of medical situations.