Lawrence County Community Unit School District 20

1802 Cedar St.

Lawrenceville, IL 62439

Ph: 618-943-2326

Doug Daugherty



CUSD #20


Greetings.  This school year is not ending in a way that anyone could have imagined.  However, I am proud of our staff, students, and community for all they have done as we work our way through this unprecedented time.  Thank you for your dedication to our district and students.

Throughout the summer, we plan to use our Facebook page, CUSD app, website, and texting service, The Daily Record, and WAKO Radio to keep everyone informed of school related information.  We will continue to monitor the email account help@cusd20.net

Last day of remote learning:  We will continue remote learning for three more weeks.  The last packets will be handed out on Monday, May 11th.  School personnel will be at all three schools on Friday, May 15th and Monday, May 18th from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm to return the packets and school issued computers and charging cords.  Parents are asked to use the circle drive in front of each building to return these items.  Those who receive lunches on Friday, May 15th at the various delivery spots may also return packets and computers to their pick up spot when they pick up their lunches.

Last day of lunches: The final day for lunches will be on Friday, May 15th.  

Students in building:  With the Covid-19 pandemic, we have closed all buildings to students.  Any student who left personal items in their classroom or locker (main locker or PE locker) will have their items gathered by school staff, and the items will be available for students to pick up on Friday, May 15th or Monday, May 18th.   

Graduation ceremonies:  

High School: We are committed to having a graduation ceremony for the Class of 2020.  However, that will not happen on the originally scheduled date of May 17th.  Once we see what  the state has decided concerning large group gatherings we will set a date.  I do not look for the state to make that determination before May 31st at the earliest.

Parkview Junior High:  After much debate, the decision has been made to not have a promotion ceremony for the 8th grade.  While we understand 8th grade promotion is a major event in a student’s life, we feel the decision to cancel the ceremony is the right decision in the long term.

Other activities:

Prom:  Mr. Higginbotham and the prom sponsors are working to come up with a date for a summer prom.  More details will be released once everything is finalized.

Registration of classes: Several high school students have already registered for their 2020-21 school year classes. Over the summer, high school personnel will be in contact with students who need to complete the process or to assist students who need to alter their schedules.

Summer Driver’s Education: At this point, we are not allowed to have behind the wheel driving with students.  Once that ban is lifted, we will make arrangements with those students who still need to drive to complete their hours behind the wheel.

For those students who were planning to take the classroom portion of driver’s education over the summer, we are exploring the possibility of doing the class through remote learning.  Students would be provided with a computer if needed, but each student would have to make arrangements for internet access.  More details will be released once plans are finalized.

Spring Sports:  Both the IHSA and IESA have cancelled all spring sports due to the closure of schools.  Uniforms that were distributed will be collected in the near future.

Start of the 2020-21 School year:  We have not finalized the starting date at this time.  Our plan is to prepare for a typical start to school in August.  However, if the state decides to set rules for the beginning date, we will comply.  We will keep everyone informed over the summer regarding this issue.