New Britain High School Counseling | 2018 Graduation Requirements
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Graduation Documents
Credit Requirements (23 total)
  • 4 English credits (1 credit American Literature, 1 credit World Literature and 2 English elective credits)
  • 3 Social Studies credits (1 credit in US History, 1 credit in World/International Studies, .5 credit in American Government  and .5 credit in Social Studies elective)
  • 3  Mathematics credits (1 credit in Algebra 1, 1 credit in Geometry, and 1 credit in Math elective/Algebra 2)
  • 3 science credits (1 credit in Physical Science, 1 credit in  Life Science and 1 Science elective)
  • Fine Arts or Career and Technical Education credit
  • Physical Education credit
  • 0.5 Health credit
  • 6.5 credits of electives 
  • 1 Capstone Experience credit
Other Graduation Requirements for 2018

I. The Student Success Plan (SSP)
The SSP is an online portfolio of work that students have been working on since their Freshman year. Each year, students are asked to upload work that they have completed in specific domains to their teacher for evaluation. This portfolio is student-centered, meaning that students can work on it on their own and are responsible for its completion upon graduation. It can be accessed at Students log in with their district email address and school password. Once they are on the homepage there will be a list of all the claims that they need to complete. Many require an upload of work and reflection which can simply be done by following the directions. Once the work is submitted and evaluated by either their teacher, counselor, or principal (depending on the claim), a lock symbol will appear next to the claim signifying that it is completed. Once all claims show a lock symbol, the SSP is complete.

Students who require assistance with completing the SSP are welcome to stay after school for SSP sessions that are being offered on Tuesdays after school in the lecture hall. Additionally, the Career Center is staffed with a counselor every day who can help students navigate this.

Deadlines: March 1st Freshman submissions ….. April 1st Junior submission….May 15th Senior submissions

II. Capstone
The Capstone Project is an ongoing project that students have been working on throughout their senior year, both at home and in Advisory. Each project much meet specific guidelines and established deadlines. There are three main components to the Capstone Project: 1.) a written component, 2.) a visual presentation, and 3.) an oral presentation. Upon receiving approval by the Capstone Committee, each students will work throughout the year researching and learning more about his/her topic and producing his/her final project. Capstone presentations will take place in May, 2017. Counselors, advisors, and mentors will provide guidance during this process, but it is very important for parents to monitor the ongoing progress of the Project.

III. Completed Application
All students must complete either a job, scholarship, or financial aid application. The purpose of this requirement is to show that students possess the skill in order to be college and career ready. They do not have to actually apply. Applications are available in both guidance offices as well as the Career Center.

IV. College/Post-secondary Application
All students must complete an application for a college or post-secondary institution or program. The purpose of this requirement is to expose all students to the process and skill of completing an application, whether or not they plan to apply. Applications are available in both guidance offices as well as the Career Center.

V. Participation in a Team Environment Activity
All students must participate in at least one school activity, club, sport, or community event. The purpose of this requirement is to make sure that all students can show some sense of school or community involvement. This skill will carry them through life, whether it be in college or the workforce. Activities are readily available at NBHS as well as the wide variety of community agencies that our students take advantage of. (Form is attached)

VI. Job Shadow, Internship, Employment
All students must show evidence that they have been exposed to the world of work. This exposure may include a one-day job shadow, an internship, a work-study program, or 150 hours of paid employment. There are many opportunities to complete this requirement at NBHS, including, but not limited to, the experiences offered to them in the Health Academy, the Finance Academy, and the Nursing Program, PACE, CONNCAP, and JAG. (Form is attached)

VII. Test Completion
Students must take the PSAT or an approved alternate test and must take the State In School SAT. Most students have taken the PSAT and State SAT, but if not, they must speak to their counselor about their options