Career Center

The Career Center is in room 123. The Guidance Career Center (GCC) is the one place everyone in NBHS should visit at least once during their high school career. A lot of helpful information about college, books on careers, computer software and staff members who are always willing to help makes the Career Center a perfect resource for the College Career Ready Student. Ms. Saint John is more than glad to help out anyone and everyone who needs help choosing a career, applying for college or financial aid, or even signing up for the SATs.

The career center is open everyday for anyone who wants to come. No appointments are necessary. Please do not skip your daily classes to visit the Career Center. Simply ask your study teacher or another staff member for a pass and present it at the Career Center to start planning your future..

CX Online
CX Online helps young people and adults in transition to prepare for the future. Published daily on the Internet, it features articles focusing on career information, skill development, labor market trends, employment opportunities, and recreational activities. There are over 3,000 articles in the CX library-1,200 of which are career information articles and new ones are created every weekday. Also provided are interactive services for instructors and students and an online electronic Portfolio. The following document was prepared to help you navigate through the Career Explorer. Although the CX format is almost identical from day to day, There may be some slight variations. The web address for CX Online is To get the user name and password to CX Online you will have to visit NBHS. Go to the career center in room 123; they will be happy to assist you.