New Britain High School Counseling | About the Career Center
Inspiring each student everyday

The Career Center is conveniently located on the first floor across from Canes Corner Store in room 123. College catalogs, resource books, pamphlets on careers, technical schools, SAT I and II preparation resources, business schools, financial aid, and a comprehensive career education and counseling database on computers are a few of the available services. The center is open to all students to explore the many paths that will be open to them after high school, both career and college. Here's just a sample of what we can do for you:

College Application Prep 
  • SAT and ACT registration assistance 
  • College search and exploration 
  • Identification of college application requirements 
  • College admissions speakers 
  • Obtain college applications 
  • College application assistance (Common App) 
  • Essay Writing assistance 
  • Scholarship “Do’s and Don’ts” 
  • Scholarship recourses 
  • Application completion assistance 
  • Essay writing assistance 
Financial Aid 
  • FAFSA completion assistance 
  • Financial Aid workshops 
  • Financial Aid representatives 
Job Search 
  • Self exploration tools 
  • Resume writing assistance 
  • Job postings 
  • Job applications (via internet) 
  • Job interview Coaching