Physical Education and Health Department

Our integrated curriculum provides a blueprint for how students can live an active and healthy life. Our primary goal is to illustrate and demonstrate the linkages between the components of comprehensive school health education and comprehensive physical education that lead to a healthy and balanced life. Our students will be able to make connections and apply skills for a lifetime of health and well-being. 

There is substantial evidence that poor health affects educational outcomes, behaviors and attitudes, and that the attainment of educational goals is dependent on the achievement of good health. This curriculum will address the health and energy balance of students and guide them toward becoming well-informed, health literate individuals, as well as competent, confident and joyful movers. 

Upon completion of our program we anticipate the following curricular outcomes. A New Britain High School graduate will:
  • Lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle
  • Evaluate and use information from various sources to achieve overall health and well-being.
  • Comprehend concepts related to health and fitness and implement realistic plans for lifelong healthy and balanced living.
  • Make plans and take actions that lead to healthy and balanced living for themselves and the world around them. 
We will equip our students to live actively and fully in a state of personal, interpersonal and environmental well-being; by developing the skills, literacy, concepts and plans, and advocacy that will lead to a healthy and balanced lifestyle. 

Our physical education and health program plays a unique role in a comprehensive and quality educational system. Our goal is to develop health-related fitness, physical competence and a cognitive understanding about physical activity for all students so that they can adopt healthy and physically active lifestyles. Today’s quality wellness programs are important because they provide learning experiences that meet the developmental, social and emotional needs of youngsters, which help improve a child’s mental alertness, academic performance, readiness to learn and enthusiasm for learning.

All students are required to take health in grade 9. Each course meets five days a week for one semester. Grade 10 students will participate in physical education that will be meet five days a week for one semester. All students must take PE1 and PE2 and/or two physical education classes to meet requirements for graduation.