Civic and Social Expectations

The student is prepared for each day’s lesson with materials and content (inclusive of writing utensils, books, handouts, notebooks, etc.), has completed all assigned homework tasks and is readily prepared to work when class starts.

Active Learning
The student is an active learner as exhibited by the following: stays on task, participates verbally in context, attempts to respond to teacher/peer inquiry, works well independently, works well in large and small group settings, and is a productive member of cooperative learning tasks.

Academic Endeavors
The student is the central figure in creating an academic environment (based on each individual’s unique abilities) by volunteering insightful responses or comments, by asking intelligent and thought-provoking questions, by applying a self-reflective perspective to learning, by asking for assistance when applicable, and by adapting to meet new challenges (including those that may be unfamiliar).

Positive Contributions to the School Community
The student is respectful to others. He/She acknowledges different viewpoints, respects cultural and linguistic diversity, listens well, is not argumentative, is accountable for his/her actions, is not a disciplinary concern to others, and encourages others to succeed.