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Mission Statement
The purpose of the New Britain High School Foundation, Inc. is to promote, support and enhance quality educational opportunities for New Britain High School students and to establish scholarships for students pursuing further education after graduating New Britain High School

About the Foundation
The New Britain High School Foundation is a not for profit corporation. Its Board of Directors is composed of community members, local business leaders, New Britain High School alumni and school administrators. The Foundation raises funds and maintains an investment portfolio to provide scholarships to graduating seniors in pursuit of higher education and to provide enrichment opportunities for all students at the school. Organizations, such as the New Britain High School Foundation are found in only twelve to fifteen percent of school districts throughout the country. The New Britain High School Foundation welcomes the involvement of Pulaski High School alumni, who brought honor and distinction to the city at a time when the city had two public high schools.

The Foundation Has a New Partner
With over 160 years of school history behind it and more than a half million dollars in assets, the new Britain High School Foundation has partnered with the Community Foundation of Greater New Britain to help manage its assets and fundraising.

"As an all-volunteer board and busy school staff, we saw value in having a formal, professional way of handling our funds", said Paul Salina, retired New Britain High School principal who serves as president of the New Britain High School Foundation. "We chose to work with the Community Foundation of Greater New Britain because we want to be responsible stewards of the money that has been entrusted to us."

The NBHS Foundation manages over 30 named scholarships for graduating seniors- including one scholarship which dates back to 1920 - and provides for enrichment programs at the high school. The Community Foundation's professional staff will track the High School Foundation's funds and make it easier for donors who want to make contributions or even set up new named funds of their own.