VEX Robotics Class coming to New Britain High School

The VEX Robotics Class is designed to allow students of varying abilities to learn the basics of engineering, design and programming. It will coincide with the VEX curriculum and VEX Competition called Swept Away. The class itself is designed to teach students about engineering and engineering problem solving. We will walk through 12 units that help students grasp mechanical function principles and basic programming for the more advanced.

Part way through the course the students are exposed to the Swept Away game and issued their VEX kits to begin their build. From there students use Autodesk Inventor or SolidWorks software to help design a competition ready robot. Sprinkled within the curriculum students will meet engineers who will assist them with their build and talk to them about their experiences in the real world. The course ends with a tournament style finish as the students put their designs to the test in an 8’ by 8’ arena where they play the “Swept Away” game in teams of 2-4.