World Languages Department

Increased global awareness has drawn a great deal of attention to the study of world languages. Through the study of world languages and collaborating with students from cultures that differ from his/her own, the student develops insights to and understanding of the people of other nations. A secondary benefit of world language learning is that the student inevitably compares the world language and culture to his/her own. This process leads to an enhanced understanding and appreciation of the language and culture of the United States. Thus, the primary goals of the World Languages Department are as follows: 
  1. to develop effective communication skills. 
  2. to develop an understanding of cultural differences and similarities. 
  3. to increase students’ sense of global awareness. 
  4. to develop effective reading and writing skills. 
  5. to develop a greater understanding of the English language. 
The study of a world language can be an enjoyable and enriching experience. It also offers career advantages to the student for whom a world language is an adjunct skill. Please note that students who are proficient in a given language are not eligible to enroll in year one or year two of that language. Students' proficiency will be established at the discretion of the high school world language teachers Students may earn world language credit based on the results of a placement test.