Mathematics Department

The mathematics curriculum places emphasis on developing: 
  1. accuracy and facility in performing fundamental mathematical operations
  2. ability to analyze and solve problems of a variety of types and varying degrees of difficulty
  3. an understanding of the nature and structure of mathematics so that students will be able to apply basic principles to entirely new areas. 
The courses are designed for students to develop competence in common core standards and demonstrate they are college and career ready through collaboration with peers and teachers, written and oral communication, and in analyzing and solving complex, real world problems using standard and creative means. 

The levels of courses will differ in pace, manner of presentation, and selection of materials. 

*With the exception of sophomores who elect to enroll in both Honors Algebra 2 and Geometry, ONLY seniors are allowed to take TWO math courses—provided they already have one math credit. 

Students graduating in 2018, in preparation for college and state requirements, are strongly encouraged to complete four credits in math, including Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra 2 or Probability and Statistics.