New Britain High School Health Academy

This Health Academy is a collaborative effort between local health care providers, most notably Hospital for Special Care, The Hospital of Central Connecticut, the City of New Britain and the Consolidated School District of New Britain. The Health Academy provides students with opportunities to both learn about and experience a variety of health career professions. New Britain High School is committed to ensure that all of our students graduate college and career ready. The Health Academy is built on that same commitment. We are very enthusiastic about the potential of the Health Academy based on the tremendous commitment of our partners and the New Britain High School staff members involved in this project. 

Currently, our Health Academy students are performing at the highest level among New Britain High School students. Approximately 80% of the students in the Health Academy are performing at or above a high average as measured by the NWEA assessment. Additionally, Health Academy students enrolled in Project Lead The Way, currently have a ninety to ninety-five percent pass rate. Overwhelmingly, we are very proud of our students and the success that the academy has generated both in school and in the community. The faculty and staff of the Health Academy are to be commended for the job that they are doing. 

The objectives of the Medical Careers Program are: 
  • To have students develop an understanding of the theory, concepts, technical knowledge and analytical abilities that will enable them to deliver healthcare in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, and in the home where sick, injured, and disabled people are treated and cared for.
  • To acquire the psycho-motor and competency skills needed to successfully deliver healthcare. 
  • To stimulate the student to seek further education and knowledge in the field of healthcare.