Business Education Program 

Students will be prepared to make informed career choices. Students will also gain the skills, knowledge, and competence required for success in meaningful employment, or be qualified to enter post-secondary education. The major goals of business education are to:
  1. Provide curricular in effective leadership and decision-making
  2. Provide opportunities for students to master skills in career and technological competencies for college and career readiness
  3. To emphasize basic skills in all areas of instruction
  4. To demonstrate the interdependence of academic and business administration
  5. To prepare for gainful life employment or to gain necessary competencies for entry to post-secondary schools.
The Business Education program will:
  • Provide varied opportunities for students to develop skills in problem solving, communication, computation, critical thinking and decision-making.
  • Help students to understand and apply economic and personal finance concepts.
  • Prepare students to understand and apply technology in the workplace.
  • Develop the students’ appreciation for the role of business in a global society.
  • Help students to understand the responsibility of each worker in the business and finance enterprise.
  • Help students to understand the legal and ethical aspects of business.
  • Prepare students to make informed career choices.
College Credits Through College Career Pathways via Tunxis Community College
Students who apply through this program and are accepted by Tunxis Community College, may earn college credits if they complete the following Business courses: Computer Applications, Microsoft Office Specialist, Accounting (AOF), Principles of Finance/Money, Business Management. These credits will be issued by Tunxis Community College and may be transferable to other colleges. In addition to earning college credits in Business Education, students may be issued college credits for their high school Algebra II and Chemistry I classes, as well. For further details, contact the department chairperson or Career Center for other articulation agreements.

Student participation in FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) is recommended to all Business students.
The level of courses will differ in pace, manner of presentation and selection of materials. The options of course sequence is recommended based on The Connecticut Career Pathways Initiative for Career & Technical Education. Course sequence/options are not required but merely a recommendation: